Better Your Life, Improve the World, Make the Planet Safer, and Lower the Cost of Living By Making War, Violence, and Terrorism Impossible to Pursue


We must stop war in every land throughout the whole world.  In this nuclear age, where just by accident, to live with the thought we could destroy the whole planet’s history and life within 15 minutes, is the height of human insanity.  The world has to solve many critical problems, but unless we achieve universal peace nothing else may mean anything.

The one question World Peace Society is trying to answer is how can individuals, businesses, and organizations, on a small level, rise up to bring about universal peace on a global scale.  We at World Peace Society think we can answer that question.  Our program is set up such that those who join us can better their lives and increase their income at the same time, if they want to.

At this point you may be thinking:  Is this too good to be true?  How could one actually make money by working for world peace? The answer is simpler than you may imagine.  When somebody signs up with us, as long as they contribute $30 or more, they receive an identification number.  Those whom you recruit to join are given your number, and when we receive that number you are paid accordingly.

We compensate you 30% to 33 and 1/3% of what the joiner contributes and you can earn a bonus besides.  If you earn $1,000 per year and the person that you recruit earns $1,000 a year, you receive an additional 50% of what they earn.  Your compensation is derived only from what they earn.

The World Police Force is created from all the major countries in the world.  Those who contribute a segment of their armed forces are given stock in a world corporation and the ownership of the corporation is according to what they contribute.  World corporations do function successfully. Other forms of agreement could be substituted but we think a form that is widely used and functions successfully should be followed.

No country loses its sovereignty or independence. The fact that Russia, in the Second World War, united with the Allies to defeat Hitler proves that countries with different interests can work together to defeat an even greater enemy.

Ultimately the only question you have to ask yourself is “How Can I Help?”. To learn more about our ever-growing and expanding organization visit us at: www.DSRWorldPeace.org. We invite you to join our vital cause and give us any help you can.